The Cincinnati Teamster Motorcycle Association

Teamsters Local 100

Unity- Brotherhood- Solidarity


 The purpose of this non-profit Association is to raise and expend funds or participate in charitable events that raise funds to assist individuals afflicted with disabling diseases and conditions, primarily childhood diseases.  To promote the spirit of the Brotherhood of the Teamsters who enjoy riding motorcycles.

We have members from all walks of life, but the one thing we have in common is a love for the open road on two wheels, and that's about the only requirement we have.


In the past, we have raised funds to help support the following organizations:

  • St. Rita's School for the deaf
  • Cincinnati Childrens Hospital
  • Shriners Burns Hospital
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation   S. Dakota

The Cincinnati TMA received its Non-Profit status from the state of Ohio. Articles of non-profit are on file at Teamster Local 100 and are available upon written request from Secretary Treasurer, Ron Taylor, 1802 Vernon Place, Fairfield,Ohio, 45014.