To Join the Cincinnati Teamsters Motorcycle Association:

Current or retired Teamsters and family or friends of  teamsters are welcome as an associate member, *associate members have same rights and privileges as regular members.

Initiation fee is $100.00 (this covers costs of stitched patches and rocker)

Dues are $25.00 a year paid in advance at the January meeting, new members dues are pro rated to the month they join for the rest of the year.  Dues cover web site costs and other administrative fees.

Your patches and rocker are sewn on black leather vest or jacket of your choosing which you provide, we can have vest sewn for you if you wish at minimal cost.

*associate members are not eligible for executive board positions of President or Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer of the Teamsters Motorcycle Association.

More information:

Ron Taylor - President

513 227 1330


Ralph Mcdaniel- Vice President